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Hidden geometric correlations in real multiplex networks

Kaj-Kolja Kleineberg, Marián Boguñá, M. Ángeles Serrano, Fragkiskos Papadopoulos
Nature Physics 12 1076ÔÇô1081 (2016)
 theory of complex networks  |   metric spaces

The hidden hyperbolic geometry of international trade: World Trade Atlas 1870-2013

Guillermo García-Pérez, Marián Boguñá, Antoine Allard, M. Ángeles Serrano
Scientific Reports 6 33441 (2016)
 economic networks  |   metric spaces

Regulation of burstiness by network-driven activation

Guillermo Garc├şa-P├ęrez, Mari├ín Bogu├▒├í, M. ├üngeles Serrano
Scientific Reports 5 9714 (2015)
 theory of complex networks  |   burstiness

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Escaping the avalanche collapse in self-similar multiplexes

M ├üngeles Serrano, ─Żubo┼í Buzna and Mari├ín Bogu├▒├í
New Journal of Physics 17 053033 (2015)
 theory of complex networks  |   self-similarity

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Mapping high-growth phenotypes in the flux space of microbial metabolism

Oriol G├╝ell, Francesco Alessandro Massucci, Francesc Font-Clos, Francesc Sagu├ęs, M. ├üngeles Serrano
J. R. Soc. Interface 12 20150543 (2015)
 systems biology  |   metabolism

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Simulating non-Markovian stochastic processes

Marián Boguñá, Luis F. Lafuerza, Raúl Toral, M. Ángeles Serrano
Physical Review E 90 42108 (2014)
 stochastic processes  |   non-Markovian

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Complex architecture of primes and natural numbers

Guillermo Garc├şa-P├ęrez, M. ├üngeles Serrano, Mari├ín Bogu├▒├í
Physical Review E 90 22806 (2014)
 networks in number theory  |   prime numbers

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Essential Plasticity and Redundancy of Metabolism Unveiled by Synthetic Lethality Analysis

Oriol G├╝ell, Francesc Sagu├ęs, M. ├üngeles Serrano
PLOS Computational Biology 10 e1003637 (2014)
 systems biology  |   metabolism

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Environmental dependence of the activity and essentiality of reactions in the metabolism of Escherichia coli

Oriol G├╝ell, M. ├üngeles Serrano, Francesc Sagu├ęs
Lecture Notes in Complex Systems 12 39-56 (2014)
 systems biology  |   metabolism

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Negative feedback self-regulation contributes to robust and high-fidelity transmembrane signal transduction

M. Ángeles Serrano, Manuel Jurado, Ramon Reigada
Journal of the Royal society Interface 10 20130581 (2013)
 systems biology  |   signalling

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