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New paper in New Journal of Physics

2015/06/16  |  academic

We define self-similarity in the context of multiplexes and explore the implications of this property for their robustness. We prove that interlayer degree correlations in self-similar multiplexes are key to recover the ordinary percolation properties of noninteracting networks.

Open call - CLOSED

2015/03/01  |  projects

Post-doctoral research associate position in complex networks at the University of Barcelona. We invite applications for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (1+1 years) in Network Science-Mapping Complexity at the University of Barcelona (Spain). The successful candidate will be required to join us in the investigation of complex networks embedded in hidden metric spaces to get insights into the connection between the structure and function in biological complex systems.

New paper in Scientific Reports

2015/02/22  |  academic

Regulation of burstiness by network-driven activation. We prove that complex networks of interactions have the capacity to regulate and buffer unpredictable fluctuations in production events. We show that non-bursty network-driven activation dynamics can effectively regulate the level of burstiness in the production of nodes, which can be enhanced or reduced.