2021/06/21   |   projects

We support a postdoctoral position in the framework of the Mar√≠a Zambrano program of the Spanish Ministry of Universities. The successful applicant will work with Prof. M. √Āngeles Serrano and Prof. Mari√°n Bogu√Ī√° at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics of the University of Barcelona and UB Institute of Complex Systems (UBICS).

The hyperbolic brain

2021/06/01   |   academic

Structural brain networks are spatially embedded networks whose architecture has been shaped by physical constraints and functional needs throughout evolution. Euclidean space is typically assumed as the natural geometry of the brain. However, distances in hyperbolic space offer a more accurate interpretation of the structure of connectomes across species, including multiscale self-similarity in the human brain. Implications extend to debates, like criticality in the brain, and applications, including tools for brain simulation.

Renormalizing complex networks

2021/05/25   |   academic

We introduced a geometric renormalization technique for complex networks that allows us to explore complex systems at different resolution levels. Using it, we found that the connectivity in complex networks at different length scales is regulated by the same principles and looks self-similar. Strikingly, the same ideas can be applied to explain the self-similar growth of complex networks, meaning that the same principles remain over time too. Our models allow us to produce full up-and-down self-similar multiscale replicas of complex networks that covers both large and small scales.

latest publications

Scaling up real networks by geometric branching growth

Muhua Zheng, Guillermo Garc√≠a-P√©rez, Mari√°n Bogu√Ī√°, M. √Āngeles Serrano
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 118 e2018994118 (2021)
theory of complex networks  |  network geometry

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Network Geometry

Mari√°n Bogu√Ī√°, Ivan Bonamassa, Manlio De Domenico, Shlomo Havlin, Dmitri Krioukov, M. √Āngeles Serrano
Nature Reviews Physics 3 114-135 (2021)
theory of complex networks  |  network geometry

Geometric renormalization unravels self-similarity of the multiscale human connectome

Muhua Zheng, Antoine Allard, Patric Hagmann, Yasser Alem√°n-G √≥meze, M. √Āngeles Serrano
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 117 20244-20253 (2020)
systems biology  |  brain