New paper accepted in PLOS Computational Biology

2018/01/26   |   academic

Synthetic lethality, in which the combined knockout of two nonessential genes or reactions is lethal, has direct applications in recognising targets for therapeutic treatment of complex diseases and for fighting against undesired resistance. We propose a change of paradigm based on the fact that SL interactions in metabolism are not independent of each other but form complex backup systems, called SL clusters.

World Trade Atlas 1870-2013

2018/01/25   |   academic

The World Trade Atlas 1870-2013 is a collection of annual World Trade Maps where distance integrates the different dimensions affecting international trade beyond geography. The Atlas informs us about the long-run evolution of the international trade system and shows that, in terms of trade, the world is not flat, it is hyperbolic.

Upcoming event

2017/07/3   |   events

MACFANG Workshop, Barcelona | November 6 - 8, 2017

latest publications

Metabolic plasticity in synthetic lethal mutants: viability at higher cost

Francesco Alessandro Massucci, Francesc Sagu├ęs, M. ├üngeles Serrano
Accepted in PLOS Computational Biology (2018)
systems biology  |  metabolism


Navigability of temporal networks in hyperbolic space

Elisenda Ortiz, Michele Starnini, M. Ángeles Serrano
Scientific Reports 7 15054 (2017)
theory of complex networks  |  metric spaces

Geometric correlations mitigate the extreme vulnerability of multiplex networks against targeted attacks

Kaj-Kolja. Kleineberg, Lubos Buzna, Fragiskos Papadopoulos, Marián Boguñá, M. Ángeles Serrano
Physical Review Letters 118 218301 (2017)
theory of complex networks  |  multilayer